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Price per user per month (unlimited form use)$49$79.35
FREE for support/admin staff
Custom feature for in person or remote negotiations
Audit trial of negotiations & e-signing attached to S&P
Custom branding with your logo and colours
Perfectly clean PDF after negotiations (no mark ups)
Digital change highlighting & acceptance replaces messy initialing
FREE 60-day trial (with unlimited users)
Converts PDFs into web forms (responsive on any device)
Only an agent/admin can edit the S&P (otherwise it gets complicated)
Mandatory uploads (like REA guides) to improve compliance
Question logic (skips unnecessary questions)
Agency Agreement, LINZ - Residential Land Statement & more

Phone support 7 days a week 8am to 8pm

24/7 Live chat support
OIO checklist to identify purchasers that require consent
Online electronic identification (covering over 20+ countries) (Just weeks away)
Paper Agreements

A Paperless Future

The way we communicate has changed a lot over the last decade. With a few taps and swipes, we can have immediate access to just about any information. Naturally, the world has adapted to this newly found convenience and adopted more efficient ways to function – but not when it comes to agreements.

While the way we shop, pay bills, and consume entertainment has become exceptionally easier, agreements have remained stagnant, relying on inefficient paper-based processes that haven’t improved in hundreds of years.

No more getting knocked back due to messy, scribble filled agreements. No more running around town to collect signatures, only to have to inevitably repeat the process whenever there’s an update to be made. No more scanning, filing and lost paperwork.

Put down the pen and paper and pick up a faster turn around, happier clients, and an easier way to work.

See below how we compare to other electronic offerings.

Leave Paper in the Past

We see the NZ real estate industry needing a monumental upgrade, beginning with the agreement process.

If you agree, join Realforms now!

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