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Revolutionary features that will blow your clients away and make your life easier.

Control your property agreements your way.

Stop paying for individual tools when you can have it all under one application.


Digital signing on any device anywhere, saving you and your clients time.


Know who made what change when, with a comprehensive timeline of actions.

App in iPad copy

Control the process on a clean document with online change approvals.


FREE for Support Staff

Add and manage your entire team and contracts for complete transparency.

Branding Phone Form small

Show off your trusted brand on the important agreements.


Free & Secure Online Storage

Create, edit and secure all the documents you need without needing Dropbox.

Digitally Sign All Agreements with our Secure E-Signature.

Stop wasting your time and effort for a three-minute activity.

Watch the video below for a short snapshot of our simple digital signature.


Sign on any device, anywhere.

No more chasing down your clients for an initial, or dealing with messy emailed agreements from clients out of town.

Now you can send your clients a digital agreement that they can sign on any Android or iOS mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Regardless of if your clients are sitting right next to you in the cafe, or both of you enjoying a coffee across the globe from one another. They can sign and approve their contract on their time, and you can receive your commissions faster.Are you dealing with multiple vendors and purchasers? Our agreements give you the power to accept signatures from ten vendors and purchasers – without being charged per signature.

Replace time-consuming negotiations.

As you know, every change to an agreement involves a print (if you can find a printer), paper edit (making a messy document), ink signature or initial (time to chase down the clients), and then scanned and sent back to you. All in all, this outdated process is stealing time and effort you could use to help many other clients.

With our e-signing and digital change highlighting, an amendment to the agreement involves a quick email, a simple tick of the box, and approval with a digital signature all online. No more printing, scanning, paper or pens.

Read about how Michael completed his six-person agreement with little stress.

Legally accepted across NZ.

Realforms’ internal, secure and legally binding e-signatures was built and audited by international AML experts to comply with the NZ Electronic Transactions Act 2002.

Along with being approved and created by McVeagh Fleming, specialist property lawyers for 100 years, who we engaged and instructed to ensure a trusted, secure and simple process for you and your clients.

Not only that, Realforms does not use a third party signature application, so you don’t need to pay for each signature or another tool to ensure its security.

Comprehensive Audit Trail of Every Activity in Your Agreement.

Eliminate confusion by tracking all interactions of the agreement


Reduce your bank knock-backs.

Having your contracts knock-back by banks are not only costing you time and money from finalising the deal, but also your clients.

For banks, they can’t accept a contract that is illegible (see how our digital change highlighting fixes this) or unverified (which is caused by lack of clarity with the acceptance of the agreement process).

The comprehensive audit trail gives agents and conveyancers complete transparency of all activities from all parties on the agreement. No longer will there be a misunderstanding of which amendment to the agreement is the approved one.

Timeline of actions .

The power of being a digitally native agreement is the ability to track and record every interaction, including the creation, editions, additions, acceptance, and final signatures.

But all this information can become overwhelming. Luckily, our audit trail gives you a visually appealing timeline of activities, with the most recent event being right at the top. The audit is always included at the bottom of the agreement so all parties can see exactly who made what change and when. Especially beneficial to conveyancers and lawyers.

Control the changes to your agreements your way.

Don’t give others the power to make edits to your agreement.


All changes under your control.

As you know, contract changes in the hands of everyone can confuse who is managing the master contract, or create multiple variations of the same contract.

Why not keep the agreement under your professional watch and ensure all changes made come through you, and only you. As you are the only person who can make the changes to the agreements, all parties will need to pass through each edit through you, keeping you in control of the one master agreement.

Not only do you get to control the process, but you can make a direct edit to clauses without the need to remove the entire one. 

Unparalleled user experience.

With each edit managed and completed by you, the client will still need to accept them formally. But no need to grab the pen for outdated initials.

Email the agreement to the vendors or purchasers to accept the changes online, on any device, anywhere. And for complete transparency and usability, all signing parties will enjoy a simple “click to accept” process to manage all changes made, which is recorded in the audit trail.

No need to chase down, email through a scribbled piece of paper, or accept a poorly scanned document back ever again.

Fast negotiations with vendors and conveyancers.

With online changes, you can manage multiple changes without wasting your time or your clients. No more chasing after initials, as you can have contract amendments edited, accepted and approved within minutes.

Don’t take our word for it though. See how one agent accepted four changes to the contract in less than a day, all without having to see the client or print off the agreement.

Have complete visibility of branch agreements in one platform.

Invite unlimited team members and track their agreements.

Manage your entire team’s agreements from one spot.

Following up, managing or even just checking on the progress of your team’s agreements is virtually impossible with paper agreements. Without micromanaging your team for constant reporting of how their agreements are going, you can have access to all your user’s forms from the one account.

Instantly see what stage the agreements are in, how many each agent is managing, and which are finalised–all without interfering with their process. Making your day easier and their job more peaceful.

Add an unlimited amount of users.

Unlike many online service applications, there are no limitations to the number of users you can invite and give access to your account, this includes members and admins.

Regardless if you are a small boutique company or a large branded one, all of your team members will be connected.

Brand your property agreements your way.

Add the elegant and personal touch to your forms with custom branding.


Stand out from your competitors.

While the rest are trying to finalise their prospects using the plain and basic paper S&P, you are sending them to your elegant and personally branded agreements. Which do you think potential prospects will be immediately attracted too?

While your competitors are sitting on their hands wondering why no one is filling out their common and standard document, your forms stand out and have more prospects and clients seeing your brand.

Link trust with simplicity.

Our digital agreements offer vendors and purchasers a comfortable and more user-friendly experience to buying and selling properties. And with your brand being there every step of the way, links such a great experience to such a great brand.

No doubt, leaving the clients with a lot more positive things to say about you and your company to their friends and family.

Complete branding control.

Not only can you send a paper-based branded agreement, but why not send your prospects to a branded custom domain with your branded colours as buttons and text.

Control the entire sales process with your brand touches across all the elements. Have a brand colour? Make that your button colour. Have a domain name you want to send people to check their agreement? Apply for a branded domain name. You have complete branding control.

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We see the NZ real estate industry needing a monumental upgrade, beginning with the agreement process.

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