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It’s time to switch to digital property agreements.

There’s no question that to keep up in this fast-paced world, the future of property sales is digital. So, it’s important to choose a digital agreement platform that will provide speed, efficiency and complete compliance.


Sign Forms From Any Device

Realforms gives you the power to email your agreements to clients and lawyers to approve and sign whenever you are on the go. Legally binding, fast and easy.

Transparent Change Highlighting

Instead of chasing your clients for wet ink initials, negotiate changes quickly over email. Using Realforms, any changes will be highlighted automatically, and can be legally accepted from any device.

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Comprehensive Audit Trail

Paper agreements make it almost impossible to identify who made what changes when. Every Realforms contract includes a detailed audit trail to keep your documents clean, crisp and transparent. No more costly knock backs!

Electronically Identify

Imagine being able to electronically identify (e-ID) your clients in real-time when they complete your Agency Agreement. From Jan 1st 18 Realforms’ Agency and S&P Agreements will contain automated e-ID for $4 per individual.

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Our registered users include:

Realforms is the new way. It’s the new “Apple” for the real estate industry.

If you’re not ready for it, you’ll be left behind.

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We see the NZ real estate industry needing a monumental upgrade, beginning with the agreement process.

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Realforms grants the general public free and unlimited use of the Realforms S&P, Auction and Tender agreements below.


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